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General Safety & New Car Inspections

Looking to purchase a new vehicle or taking a long trip and need to make sure your vehicle is up for the trip?
Eastside Automotive offers both a No-Wrench inspection or a Full-Vehicle inspection.


No-Wrench Inspection Includes: $33.23

     - Checking coolant strength & operation

     - Check air filter

     - Check belts, check all lights

     - Check operation of alternator & starter

    - Check battery condition

    - Check all drive-train fluids

    - Check all front end parts

    - Check front and rear brakes

    - Check tire pressure & tred depth

Full-Vehicle Inspection Includes: $88.62

    - Everything in the no-wrench inspection

    - Check operation of all drive-train components

    - Check all filters & serviceable items

    - Check all hinges, sliding doors, trunk, & hatch


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