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East Side Automotive Services

East Side Automotive Services

We Offer Services on ALL Makes & Models - Gas & Diesel, Domestic & Foreign.

We accept:


ARI Fleet - GE Fleet - WEX/Voyager - Element Fleet

Oil Changes (Conventional & Synthetic)

Service Pro Synthetic Blend Oil Change.....................$29.76 complete
(Up to 5 qts + a regular oil filter) (Marked for 4,000 miles)
Service Pro Mid-Grade Full Synthetic Oil..................$63.23 complete
(Up to 5 qts + a WIX oil filter) (Marked for 6,000 miles)
Mobil 1 Premium Full Synthetic Oil.............................$83.23 complete
(Up to 5 qts + a WIX oil filter) (Marked for 7,500 miles)
Mobil 1 ESP (Emission System Protection) 5w30 Full Synthetic Oil ............................ $103.56 complete
(Up to 5 qts + a WIX oil filter) (Marked for 7,500 miles)
Our Synthetic Blend and Midgrade Full Synthetic oil changes offer "Purchase 4 and get the 5th one "Free".
**Prices listed above are not valid for vehicles that require a special type of oil - For example diesel oil changes**
*Prices listed above include up to 5 qts of oil, additional qts extra*

General Safety & New Car Inspections

Looking to purchase a new vehicle or taking a long trip and need to make sure your vehicle is up for the trip?
Eastside Automotive offers both a No-Wrench inspection or a Full-Vehicle inspection.


No-Wrench Inspection Includes: $33.23

     - Checking coolant strength & operation

     - Check air filter

     - Check belts, check all lights

     - Check operation of alternator & starter

    - Check battery condition

    - Check all drive-train fluids

    - Check all front end parts

    - Check front and rear brakes

    - Check tire pressure & tred depth

Full-Vehicle Inspection Includes: $88.62

    - Everything in the no-wrench inspection

    - Check operation of all drive-train components

    - Check all filters & serviceable items

    - Check all hinges, sliding doors, trunk, & hatch


Call for more details!

Computer Diagnostics & Reprogramming

Did your Check Engine Light pop on? Is your vehicle running rough? If so, you may need to stop by for us to check to see what is going on.
Computer diagnostics start at $90 plus tax - this price all depends on how long it takes us to come to a conclusion with what's wrong with your vehicle.

Battery Testing & Replacement

Are you having issues with your vehicle not starting like it should? It may be time for a new battery. We can test the battery while you wait and even install a new one if needed.
Eastside Automotive offers both traditional style batteries as well as glass mat batteries (for most applications).
Call us for more details!

DOT Inspections

Our DOT inspection uses a federally approved multi-point inspection sheet which is sure to get your truck or trailer up to snuff. Cost $88.62 complete for most inspections.

Tune Ups / Routine Maintenance

We perform tune ups and routine maintenance on all makes and models. Services include but are not limited to spark plug & wire replacement, front and/or rear differential fluid replacement, transfer case fluid replacement, transmission fluid replacement, coolant flush & replacement, cabin air filter replacement, engine air filter replacement, and PCV valve replacement.
Cost of these services is dependent on the Year/Make/Model of your vehicle.
Please contact us with any questions or for an estimate specific to your vehicle.

Tires (New & Quality Used)

We offer:
  • BF Goodrich
  • Continental
  • Firestone
  • Good Year
  • Kelly
  • Kuhmo
  • Bridgestone
  • Cooper
  • General
  • Hankook
  • Kenda
  • Michelin
"FREE" rotates for the life of the tires when a full set is purchased!
Call today for a free quote!
(Please have your tire size ready when you call)

Wheel Alignments

We offer both front wheel alignments and 4-wheel alignments. Generally, before we perform an alignment, we will check the integrity of the front end of your vehicle to make sure all of the front end components are good and tight. If you happen to have any loose front end parts, we are generally unable to perform an alignment until these parts are replaced.
Front Wheel Alignments start at $72.00.
4-Wheel Alignments start at $105.13.

Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

A/C not blowing cold? Heat stopped working? We can check your heating and cooling systems for any problems and get them running again.

Exhaust Systems & Catalytic Converters

We have access to OEM and aftermarket exhaust parts, and can also make repairs on your vehicle's existing exhaust system.

Brake & Brake System Service

We can check over your brakes for any concerns and replace parts as needed.

Steering & Suspension Components

We are capable of servicing all of your steering and suspension needs.

Gas Engines & Transmissions

Eastside Automotive replaces both engines and transmissions.
We have access to all brands for re-manufactured units as well
as quality used units.


Ask us for more details!

Diesel Engines & Transmissions

Eastside Automotive replaces both engines and transmissions.
We have access to all brands for re-manufactured units as well
as quality used units.